xomb - a game featuring @ versus the Xarci Bedo


xomb --delay=f --err=file --seed=i --version


xomb is a computer fantasy game. The object of the game is to survive the attacks of the Xarci Bedo and obtain a lot of gems. To win the game you must locate the Dragonstone and get it out.

A game should take under 15 minutes to complete.



Floating point value to sleep after events the player may wish to take notice of. Probably should be much lower than 1.0. Default is 0.15 seconds.


Send STDERR to this file if not already redirected.


Start the game with the seed set to the given integer value. The RNG algorithm will very likely change in future releases of the game.


Shows the xomb version and quits the game.

An Overview of Minos III

The most recent message is shown at the top of the screen. More of these can be viewed using the M command. The status bar at the bottom

    Level 01 T10 SP[=========================-         ][ .][*] 121B

shows the level (1), the time or cost of the last energy-consuming move (10), shield points remaining, the item and ground tile of the current cell (here: no item and an empty cell), whether a gem is loaded for shield repair (yes), and finally the error code display (121B). Consult the "DIAGNOSTICS" section for details on the error codes.

The middle of the screen shows the level map. Various "Symbols" are present in this space. Note that the Field Operation View (FOV) readouts may be impacted by the harsh conditions on Minos III, and the scanner is an older model.

In examine mode (x) level map features are described, if they are in view of the FOV scanner. Range and coordinate details are also provided.


With numlock enabled a numeric keypad may be able to be used to navigate.

     y  k  u     Motion is traditional to rogue(6) as shown in the
      \ | /      compass to the left. Other commands, of which some
    h - @ - l    take time to complete, include:
      / | \             
     b  j  n                . - wait a turn      x - examine board
                          g , - pick up item     i - show inventory
    M - show messages     < > - activate gate    E - equip a gem
    p - clear PKC code    C-l - redraw screen    R - remove a gem
    ? - show help         v   - show version     d - drop a gem
    @ - show location     Q   - quit the game

    Esc or q will exit from sub-displays such as this one. Prompts
    must be answered with Y to carry out the action; N or n or Esc
    will reject the action.


These may be inspected in-game using the examine command, assuming they were picked up by the FOV scanner. At most only one Xarci Bedo, item, and ground tile can occupy the same cell. Scientists believe this is due to particularities of the geology on Minos III, and some even speculate that there is a relationship between the gems and the Xarci Bedo.


Vessel location.

A crevasse in the ground that you can fall down.


A gate to the next level (via the > command). A gate takes some time to complete the level transition. Ascent is only possible with the Dragonstone using < on the gate. As is traditional.


Wall. Impassable. Generally blocks FOV, though again the FOV scanner is an older model, so there may be defects.


Rubble. Somewhat passable. Sometimes blocks FOV. Sometimes blocks enemy fire.


Acid pond. Probably an OSHA violation.


An empty cell.


A gemstone. These may be equipped from the inventory to provide shield repair over time, though this will greatly damage the gem due to harmonic stress caused by the shield module. The gem value is shown before the name in the inventory and some log messages.

The Xarci Bedo are represented by uppercase ASCII letters, and exhibit the usual fantasy tropes: Gatling Autocannon, Railgun, etc.


Various messages may be shown by the Patrol Kombat Computer (PKC) in response to command inputs. Details on important codes are listed below. Consult the VP XII Operations Manual (Green) for complete scenario process control instructions. Due to memory limitations only the last error code is stored. The readout can be cleared with the p command.


A move was attempted beyond the boundaries of the game. In strict mode this would normally result in the immediate termination of the contestant.


The motion control guidance system has encountered a significant obstacle and signals that fact with this code.


Gate activation error.


Dragonstone is required for vertical ascent module gate activation.


Gate is out of service, or was never enabled by the contractors.


Environmental hazard proximity alarm.


Gyroscopic alignment control array reports unexpected acceleration.


Item retrieval command call failure.


Inventory stack allocation failure.


Item disposal process error. Clear item exit disposal slot before retry.


Incompatible item use handler exception error.


Underflow on inventory stack query request.


Underflow on shield module feed slot retrieval call.


Target acquisition lock failure. Often caused by excess vibration in the FOV scanner array.


Executive overflow on guidance module.


Spurious interrupt on data bus array.


Unit is already in command mode.


Background subspace communications link query negative acknowledgment.


xomb exits with a 0 on victory, and >0 in every other case.


Game::Xomb, rogue(6)

VP XII Operations Manual (Green)


Jeremy Mates


xomb assumes that the terminal used supports various ANSI or XTerm Control Sequences. Given certain time constraints (7DRL 2020) not much portability testing has been done.