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pod2epub - A utility to convert Pod to an ePub eBook.


pod2epub [options] podfile --outfile file.epub

    Main options (see manpage for all options):
        -o --outfile    Name of output ePub file.
        -t --title      Add ePub book title.
        -a --author     Add ePub book author.
        -s --stylesheet Change the default stylesheet.
        -c --cover      Add cover image.
        -h --help       Print a brief help message.
        -m --man        Print the full manpage.

        pod2epub -o some_module.epub


This program is used for converting Pod documents to ePub eBooks. The output eBook can be read on a variety of hardware and software eBook readers.

Pod is Perl's Plain Old Documentation format, see EPub is an eBook format, see



The input file containing Pod documentation.

-o or --outfile

The output ePub file. This is a required argument.

-s or --stylesheet

Specify the CSS stylesheet that the ePub eBook will use. If none is supplied the following minimal stylesheet is used:

    h1         { font-size: 110%; }
    h2, h3, h4 { font-size: 100%; }
-c or --cover

Add an image for use as a book cover.

-t or --title

Add the ePub book title. Defaults to "Pod Document". A future release will parse this from the Pod document where possible.

-a or --author

Add the ePub book author. Defaults to "Perl Author". A future release will parse this from the Pod document where possible.

-h or --help

Print a brief help message and exit.


-x or --xhtml-only

Output the Pod documentation in XHTML format without converting it ePub. This can be useful for debugging XHTML errors.

-l or --language

Add the ePub book language. Defaults to "en".

-m or --man

Prints the manpage and exit.

-v or --version

Prints the version of the pod2epub application.

-e or --errata

Generate a "Pod Errors" section at the end of the document if there are Pod errors. This is the default. To turn this feature off use --no-errata or -no-e. Equivalent to the Pod::Simple no_errata_section() method.


  • Parse the document title from the Pod doc, where possible.

  • Parse the author name from the Pod doc, where possible.

  • Add an XHTML validation option.

  • Add controls and defaults for internal links.


John McNamara


© MMXII, John McNamara.

All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as Perl itself.

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