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Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::Any - Wrapper around any Perl class, turns it into a Chromosome


    use Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::Any;
    use Class::Name; # Your class here; it's required if not included anyways

    my $indi = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::Any Class::Name $class_args ; 

    $indi->Fitness( $fitness );
    print $indi->Fitness();

Base Class



Bitstring Individual for a Genetic Algorithm. Used, for instance, in a canonical GA. That does not mean it can be used for mutation or crossover; normally you'll have to write your own classes


new( $base_class, $base_class_args )

Creates a new individual by instantiating one of the given class with the arguments also issued here, which are forwarded to the class constructor.


No matter what you write, it will return the object wrapped. You can subclass and overload, however, but then you win nothing to use this class; you're better off creating a new one altogether


Returns 1. Here for compatibility

  This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
  or go to http://www.fsf.org/licenses/gpl.txt

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