ASP4::ErrorHandler - Default fatal error handler


In your asp4-config.json:

    "errors": {
      "error_handler":    "ASP4::ErrorHandler",
      "mail_errors_to":   "",
      "mail_errors_from": "root@localhost",
      "smtp_server":      "localhost"


This class provides a default error handler which does the following:

1) Makes a simple HTML page and prints it to the browser, telling the user that an error has just occurred.

2) Sends that same HTML to the email address specified in the config, using the SMTP server also specified in the config. The email subject will look something like:

  ASP4: Error in


To subclass ASP4::ErrorHandler you must do the following:

  package My::ErrorHandler;
  use strict;
  use warnings 'all';
  use base 'ASP4::ErrorHandler';
  use vars __PACKAGE__->VARS;
  sub run {
    my ($s, $context) = @_;
    my $error = $Stash->{error};
    # $error is an ASP4::Error object.
    # Do something here about the error.
    $s->print_error( $error );
    $s->send_error( $error );
  1;# return true:


error_html( $error )

Returns a string of html suitable for printing to the browser or emailing.

Prints the error html to the browser.

send_error( $error )

Sends the error html to the email address specified in the config, using <$Server-Mail(...)>> and the smtp server specified in the config.


It's possible that some bugs have found their way into this release.

Use RT to submit bug reports.


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John Drago <>


Copyright 2008 John Drago. All rights reserved.


This software is Free software and is licensed under the same terms as perl itself.