Games::Bingo - a bingo game Perl implementation


        use Games::Bingo;
        my $bingo = Games::Bingo-E<gt>new(90);
        my $bingo = Games::Bingo-E<gt>new();

90 is actually the default

        my $number = $bingo-E<gt>play(); >>

        my @taken;

        $bingo-E<gt>pull(\@pulled, $number);


        use Games::Bingo;
        my $bingo = Games::Bingo-E<gt>new();

        my @numbers;
        $bingo-E<gt>init(\@numbers, 90);

        my $number = $bingo-E<gt>play(\@numbers);
        my @taken;

        $bingo-E<gt>take(\@taken, $number);


This is a simple game of bingo. The program can randomly call out the numbers. The game will be get more features in the future, please refer to the TODO section (below).


This are the central methods of Games::Bingo


The constructor is quite simple. It can either be called without any paramters and then followed by a call to init see below or the ceiling for the numbers (stored internally) can be given as a parameter, the latter is the recommeded use.

If no indicator of the number of numbers you want in your bingo game is given the game defaults to 90. This can be overwritten if using the old API, please refer to the SYNOPSIS.

The attributes of the class are the following:


The list holding all the numbers in the pull pool.


A list holding the numbers which have been pulled.


A flag indicating where the game currently are and how it should be run.

These are the different values:

  • Game is over

  • 1

    full card (the default)

  • 2

    2 rows

  • 3

    1 row


This method takes two parameters. An array reference and a ceiling, the method will push numbers onto the array reference from 1 to ceiling (including the ceiling). Initializing the numbers for the game.

The use of init is not recommended, use the constructor in the recommended way instead.

Returns 1 upon success.


The play is one of the essential methods in the game, it takes an array reference and returns a random number from the array referenced to. The reference shrinks with one with each call.

The recommended way is though to use the internally stored array, where play then takes no arguments, please refer to new and init and the SYNOPSIS.


The take method is the memory of the game. It takes to parameters, a reference to an array of arrays (the memory), and additionaly the number picked by e.g. the play method.

Since the first program to use the class/module was a console based the take method organizes the numbers in an array of array for a nicer presentation. This will probably be changed later (if necessary).


The encapsulation of the rand function. Takes a number as a paramtere and returns a number between 0 and the number given as a parameter just as rand (% perldoc -f rand).

The result is rounded down using POSIX::floor


A method which return 1 or 0 indicating true or false, whether the number given as a parameter has been pulled.


A method which returns all pulled numbers as an array.


A clumsy alias/"overload" implementation of the take method.


Takes a number (prepends 0 its a single digit number) and returns it split in two (We use this for identifying the column it belongs to).




The TODO file contains a complete list for the whole Games::Bingo project.


Please report issues via CPAN RT:

or by sending mail to


        ---------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
        File                           stmt   bran   cond    sub    pod   time  total
        ---------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
        blib/lib/Games/       100.0  100.0  100.0  100.0  100.0   22.3  100.0
        blib/lib/Games/Bingo/  100.0  100.0   66.7  100.0  100.0   21.5   99.4
        ...lib/Games/Bingo/  100.0  100.0    n/a  100.0  100.0   24.3  100.0
        ...Bingo/   92.5   84.6   33.3  100.0  100.0   31.4   90.6
        .../Games/Bingo/  100.0    n/a    n/a  100.0    n/a    0.4  100.0
        Total                          98.2   94.1   62.5  100.0  100.0  100.0   97.4
        ---------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------


jonasbn <>


This is a compilation of all the people have helped me, their names are also scattered all over the modules where appropriate.

  • Rikke Gornitzka for inviting me to the real bingo game, which started all this

  • Matt Sergeant (MSERGEANT) for suggesting using PDFLib

  • Allan Juul algoritms and code help

  • Michael Legart (LEGART) trying to understand my problems

  • Lars Thegler (THEGLER) for several bug reports

  • Casper Warming (WARMING), for helping with the OSX client

  • The remaining Copenhagen Perl Mongers for testing the IRC game

  • Mike Castle for his POD patch

  • All the ppl who have commented on my journal coming with suggestions etc.


Games::Bingo and related modules are free software and is released under the Artistic License. See for details.

Games::Bingo is (C) 2003-2007 Jonas B. Nielsen (jonasbn) <>