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Using nested conditions (See Workflow::Condition::Nested), this evaluates the given conditions using lazy-evaluation, returning true if all nested conditions are true. If a nested condition evaluates to false, further evaluation is aborted and false is returned.


In condition.xml:

    <condition name="cond1" ... />
    <condition name="cond2" ... />
    <condition name="cond3" ... />

    <condition name="check_prereqs" class="Workflow::Condition::LazyAND">
        <param name="condition" value="cond1" />
        <param name="condition" value="cond2" />
        <param name="condition" value="cond3" />

In workflow.xml:

    <state name="CHECK_PREREQS" autorun="yes">
        <action name="null_1" resulting_state="HAVE_PREREQS">
            <condition name="check_prereqs" />
        <action name="null_2" resulting_state="FAILURE">
            <condition name="!check_prereqs" />


The following parameters may be configured in the param entity of the condition in the XML configuration:

condition, conditionN

The condition parameter may be specified as either a list of repeating entries ∨ with a unique integer appended to the E<condition> string:

    <param name="condition" value="first_condition_to_test" />
    <param name="condition" value="second_condition_to_test" />

    <param name="condition1" value="first_condition_to_test" />
    <param name="condition2" value="second_condition_to_test" />

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