Perl data type class for the XML Schema defined complexType CampaignEstimateRequest from the namespace

Represents a campaign that will be estimated.<p> Returns traffic estimates for the requested set of campaigns. The campaigns can be all new or all existing, or a mixture of new and existing. Only existing campaigns may contain estimates for existing ad groups.<p> For existing campaigns, the campaign and optionally the ad group will be used as context to produce more accurate estimates. Traffic estimates may only be requested on keywords, so regardless of whether campaign and ad group IDs are provided or left blank, at least one keyword is required to estimate traffic.<p> To make a keyword estimates request in which estimates do not consider existing account information (e.g. historical ad group performance), set {@link #campaignId} to {@code null}.


The following properties may be accessed using get_PROPERTY / set_PROPERTY methods:

  • campaignId

  • adGroupEstimateRequests

  • criteria

  • networkSetting

  • dailyBudget



Constructor. The following data structure may be passed to new():


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