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Assert::Refute::T::Errors - exception and warning check for Assert::Refute suite


    use Assert::Refute qw(:all);
    use Assert::Refute::T::Errors;

    my $c = contract {
        my $foo = shift;
        dies_like {
        } "Bar requires an argument";
        dies_like {
        } '', "Bar works fine with 1";

    $c->apply( $my_foo ); # check whether foo lives/dies as expected

Ditto with Test::More (although there are more fine-grained Test::Warn and Test::Exception):

    use Test::More;
    use Assert::Refute::T::Errors; # always *after* Test::More

    use My::Module;

    dies_like {
    } qw/foo requires/, "Epmty argument prohibited";
    dies_like {
    } '', "Works without arguments";


All functions below are exported by default.


    dies_like {
        # shoddy code here
    } 'pattern', 'explanation';

Check that supplied code throws the expected exception.

If pattern is empty, expect the code to live through.

Otherwise convert it to regular expression if needed and match $@ against it.

warns_like { ... }

    warns_like {
        warn "Foo";
        warn "Bar";
    } [qr/Foo/, "Bar"], "Human comment";

    warns_like {
        # Shoddy code here
    } '', "No warnings";

Check that exactly the specified warnings were emitted by block. A single string or regex value is accepted and converted to 1-element array.

An empty array or a false value mean no warnings at all.

Note that this block does NOT catch exceptions. This MAY change in the future.


This module is part of Assert::Refute suite.

Copyright 2017-2018 Konstantin S. Uvarin. <khedin at cpan.org>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the the Artistic License (2.0). You may obtain a copy of the full license at: