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Assert::Refute::T::Hash - Assertions about hashes for Assert::Refute suite


    use Test::More;
    use Assert::Refute::T::Hash;

    keys_are { foo => 42, bar => 137 }, ["foo"], ["bar"], "Hash keys as expected";


All of the below functions are exported by default:

keys_are \%hash, \@required, \@allowed, "Message"

Check that keys in hash are exactly as expected:

  • if \@required is present, make sure that all keys listed there exist;

  • if \@allowed is present, make sure no keys are present except those listed in either required or allowed.

values_are \%hash, \%spec

For each key in %spec, check corresponding value in %hash:

  • if spec is undef, only accept undefined or missing value;

  • if spec is a string or number, check exact match (is);

  • if spec is a regular expression, apply it (like);

  • if spec is a contract or sub, apply it to the value (subcontract);

[NOTE] This test should die if any other value appears in the spec. However, it does not yet, instead producing a warning and an unconditionally failed test.


This module is part of Assert::Refute suite.

Copyright 2017-2018 Konstantin S. Uvarin. <khedin at cpan.org>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the the Artistic License (2.0). You may obtain a copy of the full license at: