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Test::Nightly::Report - Generates a test report.


Generates a report based on the tests that have been run, that can then be emailed to you, or output to a file. You probably should not be dealing with this directly.


  use Test::Nightly::Report;
  my $nightly = Test::Nightly::Report->new({
    email_report => {
        to => '',


The following methods are available:


  my $report = Test::Nightly::Report->new({
    email_report    => \%email_config,                # Emails the report. See Test::Nightly::Email for config.
    report_template => '/dir/somewhere/template.txt', # Defaults to internal template.
    report_output   => '/dir/somewhere/output.txt',   # File to output the report to.
    test_report     => 'all',                         # 'failed' || 'passed'. Defaults to all.

Produces a report on the tests that have been run.

Depending on what you pass in, defines what report is generated. If you would like the report emailed to you, pass in email_report. If you would like the report to be logged somewhere, then pass in report_template.

Default template can be seen in Test::Nightly::Report::Template


    ... takes the same arguments as new ...

Generates the report.

List of methods:


If set will email the report. Takes a hash ref of \%email_config, refer to Test::Nightly::Email for the options.


Pass this in if you wish to have your own customised report template. Otherwise, uses the default template is in Test::Nightly::Report::Template


Set this to a filepath/filename and the report will be outputted here.


Output of the test.


This is where you specify what you wish to report on after the outcome of the test. Specifying 'passed' will only report on tests that passed, specifying 'failed' will only report on tests that failed and specifying 'all' will report on both.


Kirstin Bettiol <>


(c) 2005 Kirstin Bettiol This library is free software, you can use it under the same terms as perl itself.


Test::Nightly, Test::Nightly::Test, Test::Nightly::Report, Test::Nightly::Email, Test::Nightly::Report::Template, perl.

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