Carsten Klee
and 5 contributors


Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::ppxml - Parse SRU response with PICA+ XML data (PPXML, a format variant of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) into Catmandu PICA


    my %attrs = (
        base => '',
        query => 'zdbid = 24220127',
        recordSchema => 'PicaPlus-xml' ,
        parser => 'ppxml' ,

    my $importer = Catmandu::Importer::SRU->new(%attrs);

To give an example for use of the catmandu command line client:

    catmandu convert SRU --base
                         --query "zdbid = 24220127" 
                         --recordSchema PicaPlus-xml
                         --parser ppxml 
                     to PICA --type plain


Each ppxml response will be transformed into the format defined by Catmandu::Importer::PICA