Kevin Ryde
and 1 contributors


Gtk2::Ex::CellLayout::BuildAttributes -- builder parser for cell renderer attributes


 use Gtk2::Ex::CellLayout::BuildAttributes;
 my $parser = Gtk2::Ex::CellLayout::BuildAttributes->new
     (cell_layout   => $my_cell_layout_widget,
      cell_renderer => $my_cell_renderer_widget);


This is a parser for Gtk2::Buildable which reads attributes for a Gtk2::CellRenderer child of a Gtk2::CellLayout type widget.

Normal use is to return a BuildAttributes object from a CUSTOM_TAG_START method of a Gtk2::Buildable interface implementation, giving the containing layout widget and the renderer just added which is to get associated attributes. In fact that's pretty much the sole use, and since Gtk2::Ex::CallLayout::Base already sets that up you're unlikely to want BuildAttributes explicitly unless perhaps extending the settings accepted, or wanting the same attributes specification in a different context.

For reference, the form parsed is the <attributes> part of the following, in this case doing the equivalent of $viewer->add_attribute (text => 3) etc for each <attribute>.

    <object class="MyViewer" id="foo">
        <object class="GtkCellRendererText" id="firstrenderer"/>
          <attribute name="text">3</attribute>
          <attribute name="editable">4</attribute>


Gtk2::Ex::CellLayout::Base, Gtk2::CellLayout, Gtk2::CellRenderer



Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Kevin Ryde

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