Jacky Chang
and 1 contributors


Data::Plist::XMLWriter - writes XML property lists from perl data structures.


 # Create new
 my $write = Data::Plist::XMLWriter->new;

 # Writing to a string
 my $str = $write->write($data);

 # Writing to a file C<$filename>
 $write->write($filename, $data);


Data::Plist::XMLWriter takes perl data structures, serializes them (see "SERIALIZED DATA" in Data::Plist) and recursively writes to a given filehandle in Apple's XML property list format.

write_fh $fh, $data

Takes a perl data structure $data, serializes it (see "SERIALIZED DATA" in Data::Plist) and passes it to "xml_write" to be written to the filehandle $fh. Also writes the headers and footers for the XML document. Returns 1 to indicate success.


Takes serialized perl structures (see "SERIALIZED DATA" in Data::Plist) and recursively checks tags and writes the data to the filehandle.