Léon Brocard


CPAN::Mini::Live - Keep CPAN Mini up to date


  # have a ~/.minicpanrc:
  # (change local to where you want the mirror)
  remote: http://cpan.cpantesters.org/
  exact_mirror: 1
  force: 0
  trace: 0
  class: CPAN::Mini::Live
  local: /home/acme/Public/minicpanlive/

  # then run the minicpan command:
  % minicpan
  updating mirror...
  and live...


CPAN::Mini creates a minimal mirror of CPAN and is very useful indeed. However, to keep the mirror up to date, you must continually run minicpan. This module makes minicpan block and listen for live updates, thus keeping your minicpan live.

This is an experimental module. Let's see how it works out.

It works by having a backend running CPAN::Mini::Live::Publish which publishes file updates and deletions to FriendFeed.

CPAN::Mini::Live first make sures it is up to date and then listens to these updates using the FriendFeed real-time API so your minicpan will be kept up to date in real time.

You have to use the same mirror as the backend code, http://cpan.cpantesters.org/.




Copyright (C) 2009, Leon Brocard


This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.