Léon Brocard


Dackup - Flexible file backup


  use Dackup;

  my $source = Dackup::Target::Filesystem->new(
      prefix => '/home/acme/important/' );

  my $destination = Dackup::Target::Filesystem->new(
      prefix => '/home/acme/backup/' );

  my $dackup = Dackup->new(
      source      => $source,
      destination => $destination,
      delete      => 0,
      dry_run     => 0,
      verbose     => 1,
      throttle    => '1Mbps',


This module is an attempt at a flexible file backup. It supports copying to and from filesystems, remote hosts via SSH, Amazon's Simple Storage Service and Mosso's CloudFiles. At all stages, it checks the MD5 hash of the source and destination files.

It uses an MD5 cache to speed up operations, which it stores by default in your home directory (you can pass it as a directory parameter). It's just a cache, so you can delete it, but the next time you sync it might be a little slower.

It will update new and changed files. If you pass in delete => 1 then it will also delete removed files.


Leon Brocard <acme@astray.com>


Copyright (C) 2009, Leon Brocard.


This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.