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Release schedule

This document lists the release engineers for at least the next four months of releases of bleadperl. If there are fewer than four months listed as you make a release, it's important that you extend the schedule AND identify the next release engineer.

Before adding a release engineer, you must contact them and they must consent to ship the release.

When shipping a release, you should include the schedule for (at least) the next four releases. If a stable version of Perl is released, you should reset the version numbers to the next blead series.


 October 2       -  5.11.0  -   Jesse Vincent
 October 20      -  5.11.1  -   Jesse Vincent
 November 20     -  5.11.2  -   Yves Orton
 December 20     -  5.11.3  -   Leon Brocard


 January 20      -  5.11.4  -   Ricardo Signes
 February 20     -  5.11.5  -   Steve Hay
 March 20        -  5.11.6  -   Ask Bjørn Hansen


The following porters have all consented to do at least one release of bleadperl. If you can't do a release and can't find a substitute amongst this list, mail p5p.

Jesse Vincent <jesse@cpan.org> Leon Brocard <acme@astray.com> Yves Orton <demerphq@gmail.com> Ricardo Signes <rjbs@manxome.org> Steve Hay <stevehay@planit.com> Ask Bjørn Hansen <ask@perl.org>

Reticent victims

These folks have said that they'd be willing to release Perl but would prefer that others have the opportunity before they pitch in:

David Golden <xdave@gmail.com>


Jesse Vincent <jesse@cpan.org>

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