Lincoln D. Stein


Bio::Das::Segment::Transcript - A transcript model


  use Bio::Das;

  # contact a DAS server using the "elegans" data source
  my $das      = Bio::Das->new('' => 'elegans');

  # fetch a segment
  my $segment  = $das->segment(-ref=>'CHROMOSOME_I',-start=>10_000,-stop=>20_000);

  # get the transcripts
  my @transcript = $segment->features('transcript');

  # get the introns and exons from the first transcript
  my @introns = $transcript[0]->introns;
  my @exons   = $transcript[0]->exons;

  # get CDS - but this probably doesn't belong here
  my @cds     = $transcript[0]->cds;


A Bio::Das::Segment::Transcript is a subclass of Bio::Das::Segment::Feature that is specialized for representing the union of introns and exons of a transcriptional unit. It inherits all the methods of its parent class, and adds methods for retrieving its component parts.

The feature type of a Bio::Das::Segment::Transcript is "transcript" and its method is "composite."


Bio::Das::Segment::Transcript objects are created by calling the features() method of a Bio::Das::Segment object created earlier. See Bio::Das::Segment for details.


All Bio::Das::Segment::Feature methods are available. In particular, the start() and stop() methods will return the start and end of the most proximal and distal exons.

In addition, this class adds or implements the following methods:

@introns = $feature->introns

The introns() method returns the introns of the transcript. Each intron is a Bio::Das::Segment::Feature object of type "intron".

@exons = $feature->exons

This method returns the exons.

@cds = $feature->cds

This method returns the CDS features associated with the transcript. Since this has more to do with translation than transcription, it is possible that this method will be deprecated in the future.

@segments = $feature->sub_seqFeature

This is an alias for exons(), and is compatible with the Bio::SeqFeatureI interface.


Lincoln Stein <>.

Copyright (c) 2001 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See DISCLAIMER.txt for disclaimers of warranty.


Bio::Das, Bio::Das::Type, Bio::Das::Segment, Bio::Das::Segment::Feature, Bio::SeqFeatureI

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