Lincoln D. Stein


Bio::Das::Source - A data source associated with a DAS server


  use Bio::Das;

  # contact the DAS server at
  my $das      = Bio::Das->new('');

  # find out what data sources are available:
  my @sources  $das->sources;

  # select one that has something to do with human
  ($h) = grep /human/,@sources;


The Bio::Das::Source class contains information about one of the data sources available from a DAS server. These objects are returned by the Bio::Das->sources() method, and can be passed to Bio::Das->source() to select the data source.


$id = $source->id([$newid])

Get or set the ID of the source. This is usually a short identifier such as "elegans".

$name = $source->name([$newname])

Get or set the name of the source. This is a human-readable label.

$description = $source->description([$newdescription])

Get or set the description for the source. This is a longer human-readable description of what the source contains.

$mapmapster = $source->mapmapster([$newmapmapster])

Get or set the URL that contains the address of the reference server that is authoritative for the physical map.


The "" operator is overloaded in this class so that the ID is returned when the source is used in a string context. If the ID is undefed (which should "never happen") the name is returned instead.


Lincoln Stein <>.

Copyright (c) 2001 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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