Author image Lincoln D. Stein
and 1 contributors


Bio::Das::TypeHandler -- Utilities for handling types


This is to be replaced by ontology-based types very soon.



 Title   : new
 Usage   : $typehandle = Bio::Das::TypeHandler->new;
 Function: create new typehandler
 Returns : a typehandler
 Args    : a verbose/debug flag (optional)


 Title   : parse_types
 Usage   : $db->parse_types(@args)
 Function: parses list of types
 Returns : an array ref containing ['method','source'] pairs
 Args    : a list of types in 'method:source' form
 Status  : internal

This method takes an array of type names in the format "method:source" and returns an array reference of ['method','source'] pairs. It will also accept a single argument consisting of an array reference with the list of type names.


 Title   : make_match_sub
 Usage   : $db->make_match_sub($types)
 Function: creates a subroutine used for filtering features
 Returns : a code reference
 Args    : a list of parsed type names
 Status  : protected

This method is used internally to generate a code subroutine that will accept or reject a feature based on its method and source. It takes an array of parsed type names in the format returned by parse_types(), and generates an anonymous subroutine. The subroutine takes a single Bio::DB::GFF::Feature object and returns true if the feature matches one of the desired feature types, and false otherwise.




Lincoln Stein <>.

Copyright (c) 2001 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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