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MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Channel -- Structure for recording Podcast channel information


 use MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Channel;
 my $channel = MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Channel->new(title=>'my feed',
                                                     description =>'my very own feed'
 my $title = $channel->title;
 my @items = $channel->items;


This is a utility class for MP3::PodcastFetch that defines accessors for various attributes of a Podcast Channel, including channel title, description, author, and the list of podcast episodes currently available.


The following accessors are defined. They can be used to get and/or fetch the current value:

 title         Channel title
 description   Channel description
 guid          Channel unique ID
 pubDate       Channel publication date (in original format)
 author        Channel author
 link          Link to Channel URL
 items         List of MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Item objects corresponding to
                  podcast episodes currently available (read only accessor;
                  use add_item() to add new items).

In addition, this class defines an add_item() method, which will add a list of MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Item objects to the set of podcast episodes.

SEE ALSO, MP3::PodcastFetch, MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed, MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Channel, MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Item, MP3::PodcastFetch::TagManager,


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Copyright (c) 2006 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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