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MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Item -- Structure for recording Podcast episode information


 use MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Item
 my $item = MP3::PodcastFetch::Feed::Item->new(title=>'my podcast',
                                               description =>'my very own podcast'
 my $title = $item->title;
 my $description = $item->description;
 my $url         = $item->url;


This is a utility class for MP3::PodcastFetch that defines accessors for various attributes of a Podcast episode, including its title, description, author and URL.


The following accessors are defined. They can be used to get and/or fetch the current value:

 title         Episode title
 description   Episode description
 url           Podcast file's downloaded URL (sound file URL)
 link          Podcast episode's web page (HTML file URL)
 guid          Episode unique ID
 pubDate       Episode publication date (in original format)
 author        Episode author
 duration      Episode's duration
 timestamp     Episode's modification date, in seconds

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