HTTP::Recorder - record interaction with websites


Version 0.02


Set HTTP::Recorder as the user agent for a proxy, and it rewrites HTTP responses so that additional requests can be recorded.

Set it up like this:

    my $proxy = HTTP::Proxy->new;

    # set HTTP::Recorder as the agent
    my $agent = HTTP::Recorder->new( file => "/tmp/tmpfile",
                                     showwindow => 1);
    $proxy->agent( $agent );

    # you may need to set the host
    # $proxy->host( "" );


Then, tell your web browser to use your proxy, and the script will be recorded in the specified file.

If showwindow is set to 1, a popup window will display the current script after each action.

Javascript & SSL

HTTP::Recorder won't record Javascript actions, or pages delivered via SSL.

Script output

By default, HTTP::Recorder outputs WWW::Mechanize scripts.

However, you can override HTTP::Recorder::Logger to output other types of scripts.



Creates and returns a new HTTP::Recorder object, referred to as the 'agent'.

See Also

See also LWP::UserAgent, WWW::Mechanize, HTTP::Proxy.

Requests & Bugs

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Mailing List

There's a mailing list for users and developers of HTTP::Recorder. You can subscribe at, or by sending email to with the subject "subscribe".

The archives can be found at


Copyright 2003-2004 by Linda Julien <>

Released under the GNU Public License.