Bio::Palantir::Explorer - front-end class for Bio::Palantir::Explorer module, wich handles the NRPS/PKS domain exploration without pre-existing consensus architecture


version 0.193230


This module implements classes and their methods for exploring NRPS/PKS domain architecture without any previous consensus imposed. Note that this application mode is only based on the expertise of the user. The input used by Palantir::Refiner is the FASTA file of a NRPS/PKS BGC (e.g., nrps_bgc.fasta), which can be extracted from antiSMASH HTML webpages or with the script bin/ (which uses Palantir::Parser).

The exploratory Biosynthetic Gene Cluster (BGC) information is hierarchically organized as follows: contains attributes and methods for the BGC Cluster level, including an array of GeneFasta objects contains attributes and methods for the BGC Gene level, including an array of DomainPlus objects (if NRPS/PKS BGCs) contains attributes and methods for the BGC Domain level

The Domain information is inherited from Palantir::Refiner::DomainPlus, and as no consensus architecture is defined, Module information is not applicable.




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