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Laszlo Molnar


Text::Wrap - line wrapping to form simple paragraphs


        use Text::Wrap

        print wrap($initial_tab, $subsequent_tab, @text);

        use Text::Wrap qw(wrap $columns);

        $columns = 132;


Text::Wrap::wrap() is a very simple paragraph formatter. It formats a single paragraph at a time by breaking lines at word boundries. Indentation is controlled for the first line ($initial_tab) and all subsquent lines ($subsequent_tab) independently. $Text::Wrap::columns should be set to the full width of your output device.


        print wrap("\t","","This is a bit of text that forms 
                a normal book-style paragraph");


It's not clear what the correct behavior should be when Wrap() is presented with a word that is longer than a line. The previous behavior was to die. Now the word is split at line-length.


David Muir Sharnoff <muir@idiom.com> with help from Tim Pierce and others.