Egg::Release - WEB application framework release version.


Egg imitated and developed Catalyst.

It is WEB application framework of a simple composition.

It is possible to use it by replacing Model, View, Plugin, Engine, and Dispatch with the module of original development. It is a feature that the customizing degree of freedom is high.

The treatment of Plugin looks like Catalyst well.

Version View to use HTML::Mason from Egg::Release-1.00 was enclosed. I think that it can use a flexible, strong template environment.

It came to be able to set the label of each action by dispatch. The label is convenient to make page title and Topic Path.

It corresponds to 'FastCGI' more than v1.04. Please see the document of Egg::Request::FastCGI about use.


It introduces the method of making an easy bulletin board here and it explains the use of Egg.

Obtaining of helper script.

First of all, the script to generate the project is obtained.

  perl -MEgg::Helper -e "Egg::Helper->out" > /path/to/
  chmod 755 /path/to/

The helper script was made by this.

* Putting on the directory that PATH passes is convenient for this helper script.

Generation of project.

The file complete set that composes the project of Egg like the control and dispatch, etc. is generated.

  cd /home Project:TinyBBS

It is completion if displayed as completed.

TinyBBS can be done by this under the control of /home, and the configuration file complete set is made in that.

* The part of TinyBBS is a project name. The project name that wants to be made is specified in this part. The form of the project name is a thing according to the naming convention of the Perl module. However, ':' cannot be included.

* After it moves to the output destination in the example, it executes it. The output destination can be specified for '-o' option.

Confirmation of initial operation.

Whether a first of all existing project operates normally before editing the configuration file is confirmed.

  cd /home/TinyBBS/bin

If it is this and the error is not output, it operates normally.

* If 'x-egg-project-error: true' is contained in the header, it is an error. Please straighten out that problem previously.

Setting of WEB server (Apache)

To demonstrate the highest performance when started from 'mod_perl', Egg is made. If possible, please set 'mod_perl'.

* The setting example is for 'mod_perl2'.

  # If it is DSO support.
  LoadModule perl_module modules/
    DocumentRoot /home/TinyBBS/htdocs
    PerlOptions  +Parent
    PerlSwitches -I/home/TinyBBS/lib
    PerlModule   mod_perl2
    PerlModule   TinyBBS
    <LocationMatch "^/([A-Za-z0-9_\-\+\:\%/]+)?(\.html)?$">
    SetHandler          perl-script
    PerlResponseHandler TinyBBS

This setting has treated the one that matches to LocationMatch as dynamic contents. All things not matched are treated as static contents.

  Dynamic contents URL pattern:

  Static contents URL pattern:
    It is all URL in LocationMatch not matched ...

Please make it fit and change the use type to the pattern of LocationMatch at the right time.

* Please move bin/trigger.cgi to the directory for CGI for usual CGI.

Please see the document of Egg::Dispatch::Runmode in detail.

Preparation for data base.

The made table is such feeling.

 create table tinybbs (
   id          serial       primary key,
   post_date   timestamp    default now(),
   nickname    verchar(30)  not null,
   article     text         not null
 grant all on tinybbs to dbuser;
 create index tinybbs_post_date on tinybbs(post_date);
 create index tinybbs_nickname  on tinybbs(nickname);

* It is for PostgreSQL in this tutorial.

* We will recommend Apache::DBI to be used if possible.

Edit of control.

lib/ is edited and the composition of Egg is decided.

It is as follows in default.

  package TinyBBS;
  use strict;
  use warnings;
  use Egg qw/-Debug/;
  use TinyBBS::config;
  our $VERSION= '0.01';
  __PACKAGE__->__egg_setup( TinyBBS::config->out );

'-Debug' of the module option is used to operate Egg by debug mode. Please delete this when this operating or invalidate it as '--Debug'.

'__egg_setup' is a trigger to execute the setup when Egg is started.

Then, a necessary plugin for the bulletin board is added.

    ... The extra one is removed from the value of the request query.
    ... The value of the request query is a normal value or it checks it.
      * Please download 'Egg::Plugin::FormValidator::Simple'
    ... The value is buried under CGI form.

    ... The handling of DBI is made convenient a little.
    ... The page with the message is displayed before it redirects it. 

And, the controller becomes the following.

  package TinyBBS;
  use strict;
  use warnings;
  use Egg qw/ -Debug
  use TinyBBS::config;
  our $VERSION= '0.01';
  __PACKAGE__->__egg_setup( TinyBBS::config->out );

Setting of configuration.

lib/TinyBBS/ is edited.

The setting of the plugin etc. is included.

Setting of title first of all.

  title => 'Super-easy BBS',

MODEL is set.

  MODEL=> [
    [ 'DBI'=> {
          dsn=> 'dbi:Pg:dbname=dbname;host=localhost',
          user    => 'dbuser',
          password=> 'dbpassword',
          options => { AutoCommit=> 1, RaiseError=> 1 },

HTML::Mason is used for the template. The setting of HTML::Template is invalidated or it gives priority to HTML::Mason.

  VIEW=> [
    [ Mason=> {

  #  [ Template=> {
  #      ...
  #      },
  #    ],


It is a setting of Egg::Plug-in::FormValidator::Simple.

  plugin_validator=> {
    messages=> {
      tinybbs=> {
        nickname=> {
          DEFAULT=> 'Please input the contributor name.',
          LENGTH => 'The contributor name is too long.',
        article=> {
          DEFAULT=> 'Please input the content of the contribution.',
          LENGTH => 'The content of the contribution is too long.',

* The installation of FormValidator::Simple seems not to go well in Windows. This is caused by the installation's of 'DateTime::Format::Strptime' failing. Perhaps, you may install it as it is because it is unquestionable in many cases.

* You may use FormValidator if anxious. In this case, Catalyst::Plugin::FormValidator can be used. Please edit the control as follows after it installs it.

  package MYPROJECT;
  use strict;
  use Egg qw{ +Catalyst::Plugin::FormValidator };

The plug-in of Catalyst can be misappropriated because of such feeling.

* Please note the place where + is described at the head.

Edit of dispatch.

lib/TinyBBS/ is edited and behavior to each request is decided.

The setting concerning behavior gives and defines HASH in run_modes.

It is as follows in default.

  package MYPROJECT::D;
  use strict;
  use warnings;
  use Egg::Const;
    _default=> sub {
      my($dispatch, $e)= @_;
      require Egg::Helper::Project::BlankPage;
      $e->response->body( Egg::Helper::Project::BlankPage->out($e) );

When not agreeing to any key to run_modes, the '_default' key is matched.

BlankPage is set to '_default' key in initial.

The value of '_default' is CODE reference and should exist. Moreover, the value of the key that the action finally reaches at last is CODE reference.

And, the object and the Egg object of Dispatch are passed for this CODE reference.

It makes it here to doing the content of '_default' as follows.

  _default=> sub {},

The code reference that did not do anything was defined. The template is specified from the content of $e->action by processing View when doing so.

Therefore, this is the same as the setting of to the template.

If you want to return NOT_FOUND excluding top page.

  _default=> sub {
    my($dispat, $e)= @_;
    my $page= $e->action->[0] || return;
    return if $page eq $e->config->{template_default_name};
    $e->finished( NOT_FOUND );

Or, '_begin' key is added.

  _begin=> sub {
    my($dispat, $e)= @_;
    my $page= $e->action->[0] || return;
    return if $page eq $e->config->{template_default_name};
    $e->finished( NOT_FOUND );
  _default=> sub {},

* It is possible to process it to prior processing ( _begin ) after the fact ( _end ).

* The script that has a look at the content of the contribution will be buried under

Next, it is a part where the contribution form and the content of the contribution are accepted.

  { POST=> 'posting', label=> 'Contribution form' }=> sub {},

The key is HASH.

When REQUEST_METHOD is only POST, this is matched.

And, the label key is a name related to the key. This makes Topic PATH and is convenient.

Please see the document of Egg::Dispatch::Runmode in detail.

It was possible to dispatch it by this in general. However, all the contribution articles will be displayed the way things are going by the request to '_default'.

Then, following Dipatti is added.

  page=> {
    { ANY=> '_default', label=> 'Super-easy BBS' }=> sub {
    { ANY=> qr/(\d+)/, label=> 'Super-easy BBS (NEXT)'}=> sub {
      my($dispat, $e, $parts)= @_;
      $e->stash->{page_no}= $parts->[0];

* To tell the truth, the hierarchy need not be especially deepened. It digs up the hierarchy here to exemplify it.

And, the key is set to ANY. In this, GET and POST are to mean it is made to match. To define label in the key, such writing is done without fail.

Moreover, the regular expression is used for the key. It is given to the third argument to the CODE reference by the ARRAY reference if a rear reference is here.

This regular expression matches to the figure. And, the figure is put in $e->stash. obtains the page number referring to this $e->stash.

Dispatch that settles the above is as follows. However, it doesn't go the way things are going well usually because the reference is used for the key to HASH.

Then, it is necessary to use Tie::RefHash. It is possible to describe it easily by using this it is be able to use the refhash function.

  package MYPROJECT::D;
  use strict;
  use warnings;
  use Egg::Const;
  __PACKAGE__->run_modes( refhash(
    _default=> sub {},
    { POST=> 'posting', label=> 'Contribution form'  }=> sub {},
    page=> refhash(
      { ANY=> '_default', label=> 'Super-easy BBS' }=> sub {
      { ANY=> qr/(\d+)/, label=> 'Super-easy BBS (NEXT)'}=> sub {
        my($dispat, $e, $parts)= @_;
        $e->stash->{page_no}= $parts->[0];
  ) );
  # It is necessary only to use 'trigger.cgi'.
  # __PACKAGE__->mode_param('mode');

* It is necessary to recurrently use Tie::RefHash when there is a hierarchy of HASH.

Making of template.

The following templates are made.

  ## comp/html-header
  my $page_title= $e->escape_html($e->dispatch->page_title);
  <title><% $page_title %></title>
  <h1><% $page_title %></h1>

  ## comp/html-footer

  ## root/
  my $date_field= 'post_date',
  my $name_field= 'nickname';
  my $post_field= 'article';
  my $page_no= $e->stash->{page_no} || 1;
  my $limit  = 20;
  my $offset = $limit* ($page_no- 1);
  my $msg_conv= sub {
    my $msg= shift || return "";
    $msg= $e->escape_html($msg);
    $msg=~s{\r?\n} [<br />]sg;
  <& /html-header &>
  <form method="POST" action="/posting">
  <input type="submit" value="The article is contributed." />
  <hr size="1">
  % if (my $array= $e->db->tinybbs->arrayref(
  %    [$date_field, $name_field, $post_field], 0,
  %    " order by post_date desc offset $offset limit $limit ")) {
  %   for (@$array) {
    Contribution date : <% $_->{$date_field} %><br />
    Contributor : <% $e->escape_html($_->{$name_field}) %><br />
    Content of contribution:<br /><% $msg_conv->($_->{$post_field}) %>
    <hr size="1">
  %   }
  % } else {
    <h2>There is no contribution.</h2>
    <hr size="1">
  % }
  <& /html-footer &>

* If trigger.cgi is used, a value form action is always passing to trigger.cgi. Moreover, the specification of the mode is needed. The following hidden fields are added to the form to the contribution screen.

  <input type="hidden" name="mode" value="posting" />

  ## root/
  % if ($a->{complete}) {
  <% $e->redirect_page_html('/', 'The contribution was accepted.', alert=> 1 ) %>
  % } else {
  <& /html-header &>
  <h1>Contribution form</h1>
  <a href="/">It returns to the home.</a>
  % if ($e->form->has_error) {
    <div style="color:#F00; font-weight:bold; border-bottom:#000 solid 1px;">
    <% join '', map{"<li>$_</li>"}@{$e->form->messages('tinybbs')} %>
  % }
  <hr size="1">
  <form method="POST" action="<% $e->response->path %>">
  Contributor name :
  <input type="text" name="<% $name_field %>" maxlength="30" size="30" />
  <ht size="1">
  Content of contribution: <textarea name="<% $post_field %>"></text>
  <ht size="1">
  <input type="submit">
  <& /html-footer &>
  % }
  my $a= {};
  my $name_field= 'nickname';
  my $post_field= 'article';
  my $param= $e->request->params;
  my $display= sub {
        $param->{$name_field} ||= $e->request->cookie_value($post_field) || "";
  my $posting= sub {
        return 0 unless ($param->{$name_field} && $param->{$post_field});
          $name_field=> [qw{j_trim strip_html j_strip}],
          $post_field=> [qw{j_trim escape_html crlf2}],
        my $form= $e->form(
          $name_field=> [qw{NOT_BLANK}, [qw{LENGTH 2 30}]],
          $post_field=> [qw{NOT_BLANK}, [qw{LENGTH 10 1000}]],
        $form->has_error and return 0;
          ([$name_field, $post_field], @{$param}{($name_field, $post_field)});
        $e->response->cookie( $name_field=> { value=> $param->{$name_field} } );
        $a->{complete}= 1;
  $posting->() || $display->();

* If trigger.cgi is used, the following hidden field is necessary.

  <input type="hidden" name="mode" value="<% $e->dispatch->mode_now %>" />

And, ignore_fields is set so that FillInForm should not touch this field.

  plugin_fillinform=> {
    ignore_fields=> [qw{ mode }],

Confirmation of the final operation.

It was possible to file it above in general. It actually requests from a browser and operation is confirmed.

If it bites and usual trigger.cgi is used

 Is it or

* The reboot of the WEB server is needed for mod_perl. Perhaps, even if Apache::Reload is effective, it is necessary.

* The helper of Egg has not had the test server yet though this is very inconvenient. (^_^;


I think that it was able to make an easy bulletin board by this. However, this is not a final product. Please complete it by your hand adding the improvement a little more.

The use of Egg is such feeling. The WEB application is constructed repeating the following work.

  1.. The controller's edit.
  2.. Review of configuration.
  3.. Edit of dispatch.
  4.. Making or edit of template. 

And, if it wants to add the method newly, it is recommended to make the plugin. Or, you may add the function to the controller, and it might be also good to make the succession module. Anyway, please construct the application in remaining the freedom nature now it.

Building in my making it is also good if it feels dissatisfied in the function of the engine and dispatch. Please try a powerful person by all means. Egg is offering the function and the helper to answer such needs.

* The constructor of Egg only returns the object of the project. Therefore, it can be operated with triggers other than WEB such as cron. Therefore, because the configuration and the function can be shared, it is convenient.


Let's use the helper script and use Egg a little conveniently.

  • The model of the plugin module is generated.

    The script that generates the skeleton of the plug-in module assumes the thing operated regardless to be a project. Please generate the script as follows.

      perl -MEgg::Helper::O::MakeMaker -e "Egg::Helper::O::MakeMaker->out" > /path/to/
      chmod 755 /path/to/

    Putting on the place where PATH passed is convenient. Egg::Plugin::NewPlugin

    When this is executed, the skeleton of the plug-in module is generated to the current directory.

    * It is not already the one to generate only the plugin for Egg though it might be awareness. It can accomplish the substitute of h2xs -AX.

    The made module is installed in a usual Perl similar module as follows.

      perl Makefile.PL
      make test
      make install
  • The skeleton of the subdispatch is generated.

      bin/ D:Make [NEW_DISPATCH_NAME]

    When this is executed, the skeleton of the subdispatch is generated to the subordinate of lib/MYPROJECT/D.

    An easy test script generates it to it and t.

    The generated dispatch is not read by the automatic operation. It is necessary to edit the main dispatch.

      package MYPROJECT::D;
      use strict;
      use MYPROJECT::D::NewDispatch;
        new_action=> \&MYPROJECT::D::NewDispatch::default,
  • The configuration is made YAML.

      bin/ P:YAML

    When this is executed, the configuration obtained with MYPROJECT::config->out is output to etc/MYPROJECT.yaml by the YAML form.

    Output YAML changes as follows and uses the controller.

      package MYPROJECT;
      use strict;
      use warnings;
      use Egg qw/-Debug YAML/;
      our $VERSION= '0.01';
      my $config= __PACKAGE__->yaml_load('/path/to/MYPROJECT/etc/MYPROJECT.yaml');
      __PACKAGE__->__egg_setup( $config );

    * MYPROJECT::config is not read.

    * Embarrassing it because YAML is edited directly and it encounters the format error are convenient.

  • To use Ajax of the fashion on the street.

      bin/ P:Prototype

    When this is executed, prototype.js is output to the subordinate of htdocs.

    Please use output prototype.js reading from the HTML header.

    Details are Prototype Javascript Library

  • An original Egg engine is developed.

      bin/ E:Create [NEW_ENGIN_NAME]

    When this is executed, [NEW_ENGIN_NAME].pm is generated by the subordinate of lib/MYPROJECT/E.

    An original engine can be used by setting it to MYPROJECT_ENGINE_CLASS of engine_class of the configuration or the environment variable.

    Necessary minimum method is described though the movement of the engine of the skeleton cannot be secured. The content of these methods is changed, and please newly add the method and develop a new engine.

    Please try by all means though the hurdle might be a little high.


This reference is a list of the main method that seems often to be used.

Please refer to the document of each module for more detailed information.

my $e= PROJECT_NAME->new

The object for the project is received.

package¡§ Egg.


It is not necessary to call it from the WEB application.

Please call it when you use it from cron etc.

Prepare of the plugin and each component is settled and this is done.

package: Egg::Engine.

Egg::Error->throw ([MESSAGE])

The error message with the debugging trace is output.

package¡§ Egg::Exception.


True is restored when operating by debug mode.

package¡§ Egg.


The state of the flag set by the module option of Egg is returned.

package¡§ Egg.


It is a preservation place of the data that wants to share by each component.

package¡§ Egg.


A global HASH reference is returned.

It is not initialized until the server is reactivated when the value is put. The thing not anticipated that the content is changed in a word carelessly might happen.

* All keys to the defined value are handled as a capital letter.

* The defined value cannot already been redefined in a usual substitution type.

package¡§ Egg::GlobalHash.


The HASH reference of the configuration is returned.

package¡§ Egg.

$e->debug_out ([MESSAGE])

[MESSAGE] is output to STDERR when debug mode is effective. If debug mode is invalid, nothing is done.

package¡§ Egg.


The object for the log output is returned.

package¡§ Egg::Debug::Log.

$e->path ([CONFIG_NAME], [PATH])

PATH that ties to $e->config->{[CONFIG_NAME]} [PATH] is returned.

Please specify root, static, static_uri, etc, temp, cache, and lib, etc. for [CONFIG_NAME].

package¡§ Egg.


The action that dispatch set is returned by the ARRAY reference.

package¡§ Egg.

my $req= $e->request or $e->req

The object to process the request is restored.

package¡§ Egg::Request, Egg::Request::Apache, Egg::Request::CGI,

$req->params or $req->parameters

The request query is returned by the HASH reference.

package¡§ Egg::Request,

$req->param ([FIELD_NAME])

The value of specified [FIELD_NAME] is returned. It is the same as $req->params->{[FIELD_NAME]}.

package¡§ Egg::Request,


Cookie received from the client is returned by the HASH reference.

package¡§ Egg::Request,

$req->cookie ([FIELD_NAME])

The character string of cookie of specified [FIELD_NAME] is returned. It is the same as $req->cookies->{[FIELD_NAME]}.

package¡§ Egg::Request,

$req->cookie_value ([FIELD_NAME])

The value of cookie of specified [FIELD_NAME] is returned. It is the same as $req->cookies->{[FIELD_NAME]}->value.

package¡§ Egg::Request,


Passing the request place is returned.

package¡§ Egg::Request,

my $res= $e->response or $e->res

The object to process the response is restored.

package¡§ Egg::Response,

$res->body ([RESPONSE_BODY])

The content output to the client is set.

The value is returned by the SCALAR reference.

package¡§ Egg::Response,

$res->cookie ( [FIELD_NAME] => [HASH] )

Cookie to set it in the client is set.

  $res->cookie( field_name=> {
    value=> 'field_value',
    } );

package¡§ Egg::Response, Egg::Response::TieCookie

$res->redirect ( [LOCATION], [STATUS] )

The screen is forwarded to the place of [LOCATION].

[STATUS] is omissible.

package¡§ Egg::Response,

my $d= $e->dispatch or $e->d

The dispatch object is restored.

When the Egg object is received from the constructor directly, it is not possible to use it until $e->prepare_component is called.

package¡§ Egg::Dispatch, Egg::Dispatch::Runmode,


The value of label obtained by the matched action returns. There is a value of $e->snip of the object as it is when label is not obtained.

package¡§ Egg::Dispatch::Runmode,

$d->label ([NUMBER])

The list of label obtained by the matched action returns.

When [NUM] is specified, label of the place is restored.

package¡§ Egg::Dispatch::Runmode,

$d->mode_now ([NUMBER])

The value for the parameter of a present action is returned.

The subtracted value returns when [NUMBER] is given.

* When mode_param is chiefly called, this value is needed.

package¡§ Egg::Dispatch::Runmode,

$e->filter ([FILTER_CONFIG])

 type: Plugin
 name: Filter  or  Filter::EUC_JP

The extra one is removed from the request query.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::Filter, Egg::Plugin::Filter::EUC_JP,

my $form= $e->form ([VALIDATE_CONFIG])

 type: Plugin
 name: FormValidator::Simple

The validity of the request query is checked.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::FormValidator::Simple,

my $upload= $e->request->upload ([UPLOAD_FIELD_NAME]);

 type: Plugin
 name: Upload

A form object corresponding to the file upload is acquired.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::Upload,

$e->fillin_ok ([BOOLEAN])

 type: Plugin
 name: FillInForm

A form burial by FillInForm is permitted before contents are output.

* Please note the competition with the plug-in considering it in reading order when using it together with the plug-in that converts the character-code of contents before it outputs it.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::FillInForm,


 type: Plugin
 name: Dispatch::AnyCall

The method of the action that the dispatch of specification corresponds is presumed and called.

The method to specify by [DEFAULT_METHOD] or $e->config->{template_default_name} is called when failing in the call.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::Dispatch::AnyCall,

$e->yaml_load ([YAML_DATA])

 type: Plugin
 name: YAML

The result of doing passed [YAML_DATA] in Perth is returned.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::YAML,


 type: Plugin
 name: DBI::CommitOK

The data base steering wheel is returned.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::DBI::CommitOK,

$e->redirect_page ([LOCATION], [MESSAGE], [OPTION])

 type: Plugin
 name: Redirect::Page

When the page is switched, an easy page is displayed.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::Redirect::Page,

$e->pod2html ([MODULE_NAME])

 type: Plugin
 name: Pod::HTML

The HTML source of the POD document of the Perl module demanded by [MODULE_NAME] is returned.

package¡§ Egg::Plugin::Pod::HTML,


Egg, Egg::Engine, Egg::Request, Egg::Response, Egg::Engine, Egg::Dispatch, Egg::Helper, Egg::Model, Egg::View,


Masatoshi Mizuno, <>


Copyright (C) 2006 Bee Flag, Corp. <>, All Rights Reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.6 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.

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