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Finance::Bank::Bankwest::Parser::TransactionSearch - transaction search page parser


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This module holds the logic for identifying an HTTP::Response object as a Bankwest Online Banking transaction search page, and throwing appropriate exceptions when the page indicates that something has gone wrong (e.g. bad data entered into the form).

If the response holds a search form with no error messages or fields marked as having invalid input, a Finance::Bank::Bankwest::Error::ExportFailed::UnknownReason exception is thrown. This is because of the possibility that such a page could theoretically be returned for some reason after form submission, and in such a case it is important for an exception to be thrown. In cases where an empty form is expected (such as loading the form to populate and submit it), the exception can be discarded.

If error messages or fields marked as having invalid input appear in the response, a Finance::Bank::Bankwest::Error::ExportFailed exception is thrown.



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