Sys::Manage - Systems management commands/scripts environment


Sys::Manage::Cmd - Systems management command volley

Sys::Manage::Conn - Connection to remote Perl

Sys::Manage::Schedule - Scriptic schedule trunk

Sys::Manage::Desktops - Centralised management for desktop computers

See particular modules.



Publishing 1.01 version, mics corrections in Sys::Manage::Desktops


Publishing 1.0 version, the code seems to be stable enough.

Some improvements made in the code and documentation of Sys::Manage::Cmd, Sys::Manage::Conn, Sys::Manage::Schedule, Sys::Manage::Desktops.

Further developments are in doubt because my job was moved.

On the other hand, future prospect may be in multi-client/multi-server == multi-agent/multi-manager architecture...


Publishing 0.62 version.

Sys::Manage::Cmd: changed log file format, new 'logask' and 'regask' embedded commands to analyse log and reg files; some improvements.

Sys::Manage::Conn: some improvements and corrections.

Sys::Manage::Desktops: some corrections, improvements, additions.

Sys::Manage::Schedule: changed log file format, new '-logask'/'logask' command to analyse log file; additional command line parameters may be added after '-run'/'-surun' name; some improvements.


Publishing 0.61 version, Sys::Manage::Desktops extended, Sys::Manage::Conn corrected.


Publishing 0.60 version.


Sys::Manage::Cmd: Concurrent pids logged; new 'cmdstat' embedded command.


Sys::Manage::Desktops: Added '-hostdom' markup for assignments text file.


Corrections in Sys::Manage::Conn.


Publishing 0.59 version.

Improved Sys::Manage::Desktops module.


Publishing 0.58 version.

New Sys::Manage::Desktops module.

Corrections in Sys::Manage::Conn.

Extensions in Sys::Manage::Schedule.


Publishing 0.57 version.


Extended Sys::Manage::Conn::mget, Sys::Manage::Conn::mput. Return codes defined and approvement sub{} added to watch replication. Final 'all done' call added to extend Sys::Manage::CmdFile command files.


New Sys::Manage::Conn::isscript.


Sys::Manage::Cmd -dirl log truncation dehosed.

Behaviour of Sys::Manage::Schedule -logpid files improved, content changed, cleanup implemented.


New $ENV{SMSECS} for time limit. Used in Sys::Manage::CmdFile and Sys::Manage::Conn.


Publishing 0.56 version.


Fixed Sys::Manage::CmdEscort internal command line escaping condition.


Fixed Sys::Manage::Conn rcmd quoting of arguments.


Publishing 0.55 version.


Changed Sys::Manage::CmdEscort - added runtime hardlinks from './log-' files to './var' directory - for monitoring and diagnostics during runtime.

New Sys::Manage::Schedule -logpid to create runtime pid file for monitoring and diagnostics during runtime.


Fixed Sys::Manage::Conn error indicators ($!, $^E, $@) transfer translating [\n\r\t].

Fixed Sys::Manage::Conn -wmisis agent file.


New Sys::Manage::Conn -reject paramerter in addition to Sys::Manage::Cmd -reject.

New Sys::Manage::Conn -wmisis paramerter to use agent as Windows service.


New Sys::Manage::Conn -wmisil paramerter to describe Windows WMI impersonation.


New Sys::Manage::Conn::mput and Sys::Manage::Conn::mget methods.

New Sys::Manage::Cmd mput and Sys::Manage::Cmd mget commands.


New Sys::Manage::Conn::rls and Sys::Manage::Conn::lls methods.

Sys::Manage::Cmd description of quoting corrected.

Sys::Manage::Cmd internal command line escaping implemented.

Sys::Manage::Conn::connect fixed automatically decreasing WMI ImpersonationLevel from 4 to 3 when security error.


Publishing 0.54 version, some corrections made.


qclad/qclat changed considering backslash tail. Also qclad uses qclat now.


Publishing 0.53 version, some corrections made.


Publishing 0.52 version, some corrections made.


Publishing 0.51 version.

Sys::Manage::Cmd: new cmdfile predefined command; cmd and daemonize methods; -gx and -u options; -vc, -vt, -lg, -lv, -lw options extensions.

Sys::Manage::Conn: new agtfile and lcmd methods and commands.

Sys::Manage::Schedule: new cmdfck method.


Publishing 0.50 version.




This is free software; you can use redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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