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Module::Install::Template - Treat module source code as a template


    # in C<Makefile.PL>:

        first_year => 2007,
        rest_from  => "$ENV{HOME}/.mitlib/standard_pod",
        start_tag  => '{%',
        end_tag    => '%}',


This module, if used in the Makefile.PL as shown in the synopsis, treats module source code files as templates and processes them with the Template Toolkit during make time.

That is, lib/ is expected to contain templates, and blib/lib/ will contain the resulting files as processed by the Template Toolkit.

This only happens on the author's side. The end-user will not notice any of it.

This module provides one subroutine: process_templates(). It takes named arguments. Of these, start_tag and end_tag are treated specially and used for the template's start and end tag definitions. rest_from instructs this module to look for distribution attributes (version, perl_version, author, license, abstract) that haven't been set yet in the given file.

For example, you might have some standard POD template that you use in all your modules - standard stuff like installation, availability, author, copyright notices and so on. You could have that in the special directory ~/.mitlib (mit here stands for 'Module::Install::Template'). Because of that, the Module::Install directive all_from won't work properly. With rest_from you can instruct this module to take the remaining distribution attributes from your standard template.

The Makefile had to be slightly patched so that make dist still works - normally make dist takes files from lib/, but here these are the templates. We are interested in the finished files, so we override the relevant Makefile portions to use blib/lib/ instead.

This documentation is somewhat lacking - I'll try to improve it.

Because of the Makefile munging, this module might not work for distributions that use XS or SWIG.


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Copyright 2007-2009 by Marcel Grünauer

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