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Geo::EOP::Util - EOP useful constants


   is a Exporter


  use Geo::EOP::Util ':eop11';


Defines the namespaces used with EOP.



All export tags defined NS_ATM_ESA, NS_SAR_ESA for EOP/HMA.

The constants have names which end with _ESA, because I expect them to move to the opengis name-space in the forseeable future. Those new names will not have the shorter constant name.


Exports NS_OHR_ESA and NS_HMA_ESA as well.


Exports NS_OPT_ESA and NS_EOP_ESA as well.


Same exports as :eop11


Same exports as :eop11


This module is part of Geo-EOP distribution version 0.50, built on July 21, 2015. Website: All modules in this suite: "Geo::GML", "Geo::ISO19139", "Geo::EOP", "Geo::Point", "Geo::Proj4", "Geo::WKT", and "Math::Polygon".

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