Mail::Message::Construct::Text - capture a Mail::Message as text


 my $text = $msg->string;
 my $text = "$msg";   # via overload

 my @text = $msg->lines;
 my @text = @$lines;  # via overload

 my $fh   = $msg->file;
 my $line = <$fh>;



Complex functionality on Mail::Message objects is implemented in different files which are autoloaded. This file implements the functionality related to creating message replies.


The whole message as text


Returns the message as file-handle.


Returns the whole message as set of lines. In LIST context, copies of the lines are returned. In SCALAR context, a reference to an array of lines is returned.


Print the structure of a message to the specified FILEHANDLE or the selected filehandle. When explicitly undef is specified as handle, then the output will be returned as string.

The message's subject and the types of all composing parts are displayed.

INDENT specifies the initial indentation string: it is added in front of each line. The INDENT must contain at least one white-space.


 my $msg = ...;


 my $struct = $msg->printStructure(undef);

 # Possible output for one message:
 multipart/mixed: forwarded message from Pietje Puk (1550 bytes)
    text/plain (164 bytes)
    message/rfc822 (1043 bytes)
       multipart/alternative: A multipart alternative (942 bytes)
          text/plain (148 bytes, deleted)
          text/html (358 bytes)

Returns the whole message as string.



This module is part of Mail-Box distribution version 2.097, built on January 26, 2011. Website:


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