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OODoc::Text::Structure - set of paragraphs with examples and subroutines


   is a OODoc::Text
   is a OODoc::Object

 OODoc::Text::Structure is extended by


 # Cannot be instantiated itself


The OODoc::Text::Structure class is used as base class for the OODoc::Text::Chapter, OODoc::Text::Section, and OODoc::Text::SubSection classes. Each of these classes group some paragraphs of text, probably some examples and some subroutines: they provide a structure to the document.


overload: '""' (stringification)

See "OVERLOADED" in OODoc::Text

overload: '==' and '!='

See "OVERLOADED" in OODoc::Text

overload: 'cmp' (string comparison)

See "OVERLOADED" in OODoc::Text




Create an empty copy of a structured text element, which is used at a higher level of inheritance to collect related subroutines and such.

 -Option     --Defined in     --Default
  container    OODoc::Text      <required>
  description  OODoc::Text      ''
  level                         <required>
  linenr       OODoc::Text      <required>
  name         OODoc::Text      undef
  type         OODoc::Text      <required>
container => OBJECT
description => STRING
level => INTEGER

Header level of the text structure. A chapter will be 1, section 2, and subsection 3.

linenr => INTEGER
name => STRING
type => STRING

Inheritance knowledge


See "Inheritance knowledge" in OODoc::Object



See "Attributes" in OODoc::Text


See "Attributes" in OODoc::Text


Returns the level of the text structure. Like in pod and html, a chapter will be 1, section 2, and subsection 3.


See "Attributes" in OODoc::Text


Returns the name of this chapter, section or sub-section beautified to normal caps. If the name does not contain lower-case characters, then the whole string is lower-cased, and then the first upper-cased.


See "Attributes" in OODoc::Text



Find the chapter, section or subsection with this NAME. The object found is returned.


See "Location" in OODoc::Text


Represent the location of this chapter, section, or subsection as one string, separated by slashes.


 print $subsect->path; 
    # may print:  METHODS/Container/Search

See "Location" in OODoc::Text


See "Location" in OODoc::Text



Call the METHOD recursively on this object and all its sub-structures. For instance, when all is called on a chapter, it first will call the METHOD on that chapter, than on all its sections and subsections. The PARAMETERS are passed with each call. The results of all calls is returned as list.


See "Collected" in OODoc::Text


See "Collected" in OODoc::Text


See "Collected" in OODoc::Text


Return true if this text structure is only a place holder for something found in a super class. Structured elements are created with emptyExtension() on each sub-class pass the idea of order and to collect subroutines to be listed. However, in some cases, nothing is to be listed after all, and in that case, this method returns true.


 unless($chapter->isEmpty) ...

See "Collected" in OODoc::Text


Each manual page structure element (chapter, section, and subsection) can contain a list of subroutine descriptions.


A subroutine (OODoc::Text::Subroutine object) is added to the chapter, section, or subsection.


Sets the subroutines which are related to this text structure, replacing the preivous set. This is used when the manual pages are expanded into each-other to simplify working with the inheritance relations.


Returns the subroutine with the specific name.


Returns the list of subroutines which are related to this text object.

Commonly used functions



See "Commonly used functions" in OODoc::Object



See "Commonly used functions" in OODoc::Object

Manual Repository


See "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


See "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


See "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


See "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


See "Manual Repository" in OODoc::Object


Error: manual definition requires manual object

A call to addManual() expects a new manual object (a OODoc::Manual), however an incompatible thing was passed. Usually, intended was a call to manualsForPackage() or mainManual().

Error: no level defined for structural component


This module is part of OODoc distribution version 1.06, built on January 26, 2011. Website: http://perl.overmeer.net/oodoc/


Copyrights 2003-2011 by Mark Overmeer. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See http://www.perl.com/perl/misc/Artistic.html