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wsdl-explain.pl - Explain WSDL files


  wsdl-explain.pl OPTIONS

List all the actions:

  ./dev-bin/wsdl-explain.pl --wsdl buildservice.wsdl

Tell me more about a build call:

  ./dev-bin/wsdl-explain.pl --wsdl buildservice.wsdl --call build

Only tell me something about the input:

  ./dev-bin/wsdl-explain.pl --wsdl buildservice.wsdl \
     --call build --no-output


  • wsdl

    The path to the WSDL you want to check, required. Multiples are allowed.

  • xsd

    The path to the XSD to where the XML types are defined, optional. Multiples are allowed.

  • compile

    Try to compile the WSDL calls

  • list_namespace

    List all the namespaces

  • element

    Describe an element, consider using xsd-explain.pl

  • call

    Explain a particular WSDL call, defaults to OUTPUT.

  • xml

    Explain the call in XML. Currently not supported by XML::Compile and friends.

  • recurse

    Get more information about the underlying structures of the call.

  • no-output

    Do not display the OUTPUT of the call.