Games::Lacuna::Task - Automation framework for the Lacuna Expanse MMPOG


    my $task   = Games::Lacuna::Task->new(
        task    => ['recycle','repair'],
        config  => {
            recycle => ...

or via commandline (see "lacuna_task" in bin and "lacuna_run" in bin)


This module provides a framework for implementing various automation tasks for the Lacuna Expanse MMPOG. It provides

  • a way of customizing which tasks to run in which order

  • a convinient command line interface

  • a logging mechanism

  • configuration handling

  • cache for increasing speed and reducing rpc calls

  • simple access to the Lacuna API (via Games::Lacuna::Client)

  • many useful helper methods and roles

  • implements several common tasks


Games::Lacuna::Task uses a yaml configuration file which is loaded from the database directory (defaults to ~/.lacuna). The filename should be config.yml or lacuna.yml.

If you run lacuna_task for the first time the programm will guide you through the setup process and create a basic config file.

Example config.yml

   name: "empire_name"          
   password: "empire_password"  
   uri: "http://..."            # optional
   api_key: "a1f9...."          # optional
     - excavate
     - bleeder
     - repair
     - dispose
   dispose_percentage: 80
   excavator_count: 3

The data of the configuration file must be a hash with hash keys corresponding to the lowecase task names. The hash key 'global' should be used for global settings.

global.task specifies which tasks should be run by default and is only used if no tasks have been set explicitly (e.g. via command line).

global.exclude specifies which tasks should be skipped default and is only used if no tasks have been set explicitly or via config.

global.exclude_planet and *.exclude_planet can be used to exclude certain bodies from being processed.

All other values in the global section are used as default values for tasks. (e.g. the 'dispose_percentage' setting can be used by the WasteMonument and the WasteDispose task)

Username, password, empire name, api key and server url must be stored under the connect key in the config file.


    Maroš Kollár
    maros [at]


Games-Lacuna-Task is Copyright (c) 2012 Maroš Kollár -


This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.