SQL::Exec::SQLite - Specific support for the DBD::SQLite DBI driver in SQL::Exec


  use SQL::Exec::SQLite;


The SQL::Exec::SQLite package is an extension of the SQL::Exec package. This mean that in an OO context SQL::Exec::SQLite is a sub-classe of SQL::Exec (so all methods of the later can be used in the former). Also, in a functionnal context, all functions of SQL::Exec can be accessed through SQL::Exec::SQLite.


  my $c = SQL::Exec::SQLite->new(file);
  my $c = SQL::Exec::SQLite->new(file, opts);

The new constructor of this package takes only a single argument which is the name of the file to use as a database. The constructor can also takes an optionnal argument wich contains option to apply to the created database handle, either as a hash or as a reference to a hash.

The database file is created automatically if it does not already exist. Also you may use the special file name ':memory' to use a in-memory database. In that case, all your data will be destroyed when you close the database handle.


The function described here are either functions specific to this database driver or special version of a SQL::Exec function adapted for the database driver.

However, all the function of SQL::Exec are accessible in this package, either with the object oriented interface or with the functionnal one. This package can also exports all the function of the SQL::Exec package and the :all tag contains all exportable functions from both SQL::Exec and this package.



As the connect function in SQL::Exec this function will either connect the default handle of the library or connect a specific handle that is already created.

This function takes the same arguments as the new constructor, except that the optionnal options hash must be given as a hash reference and that it applies only for the duration of the call (this is the same as the connect function in SQL::Exec).


  my $t = test_driver();

This function returns a boolean value indicating if the DBD::SQLite database driver is installed.


Please report any bugs or feature requests to, or through the web interface at


For the main documentation of this module ond for a list of all available functions, please check the SQL::Exec module.

For details about the SQLite database driver, you should check the documentation for DBD::SQLite


Copyright 2013 © Mathias Kende. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.