version 2.20191206


Module implementing the DMARC standard checks.

This handler requires the SPF and DKIM handlers to be installed and active.


        "DMARC" : {                                        | Config for the DMARC Module
                                                           | Requires DKIM and SPF
            "hard_reject"           : 0,                   | Reject mail which fails with a reject policy
            "no_reject_disposition" : "quarantine",        | What to report when hard_reject is 0
            "no_list_reject"        : 0,                   | Do not reject mail detected as mailing list
            "arc_before_list"       : 0,                   | Don't apply above list detection if we have trusted arc
            "no_list_reject_disposition" : "none",         | Disposition to use for mail detected as mailing list (defaults none)
            "whitelisted"           : [                    | A list of ip addresses or CIDR ranges, or dkim domains
                "",                             | for which we do not want to hard reject mail on fail p=reject
                "",                  | (valid) DKIM signing domains can also be whitelisted by
                ""                            | having an entry such as ""
            "use_arc"             : 1,                     | Use trusted ARC results if available
            "hide_none"           : 0,                     | Hide auth line if the result is 'none'
            "detect_list_id"      : "1",                   | Detect a list ID and modify the DMARC authentication header
                                                           | to note this, useful when making rules for junking email
                                                           | as mailing lists frequently cause false DMARC failures.
            "report_skip_to"     : [                       | Do not send DMARC reports for emails to these addresses.
                "",                    | This can be used to avoid report loops for email sent to
                ""                        | your report from addresses.
            "no_report"          : "1",                    | If set then we will not attempt to store DMARC reports.
            "config_file"        : "/etc/mail-dmarc.ini"   | Optional path to dmarc config file


Marc Bradshaw <>


This software is copyright (c) 2018 by Marc Bradshaw.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.