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Passwd::Keyring::Auto - interface to secure password storage(s)


Version 0.2704


Passwd::Keyring is about securely preserving passwords and similar sensitive data applications use in backends like Gnome Keyring, KDE Wallet, OSX/Keychain etc.

While modules like Passwd::Keyring::Gnome handle specific backends, Passwd::Keyring::Auto tries to pick the best backend available, considering the current desktop environment.

    use Passwd::Keyring::Auto;  # get_keyring

    my $keyring = get_keyring(app=>"My super scraper", group=>"Social passwords");

    my $username = "someuser";
    my $password = $keyring->get_password($username, "");
    if(! $password) {
        # ... somehow interactively prompt for password
        $keyring->set_password($username, $password, "");
    login_somewhere_using($username, $password);
    if( password_was_wrong ) {
        $keyring->clear_password($username, "");

If any secure backend is available, password is preserved for successive runs, and users need not be prompted.

The choice can be impacted by some environment variables, see get_keyring documentation for details.

Finally, one can skip this module and be explicit:

    use Passwd::Keyring::Gnome;
    my $keyring = Passwd::Keyring::Gnome->new();
    # ... and so on





    my $ring = get_keyring()

    my $ring = get_keyring(app=>'symbolic application name', group=>'symbolic group/folder/.. name');

    my $ring = get_keyring(app=>'...', group=>'...', %backend_specific_options);

Returns the keyring object most appropriate for the current system. Passess all options received to this backend. See Passwd::Keyring::Auto::KeyringAPI for available operations on keyring and their semantic.

Note: setting environment variable PASSWD_KEYRING_AUTO_DEBUG causes the routine to print to stderr details about tried and selected keyrings.

The default choice can be influenced by environment variables:

- PASSWD_KEYRING_AUTO_FORBID - name or space separated names of keyrings which can't be used, for example Gnome or Gnome KDEWallet (note: Memory can't be forbidden, but is always last)

- PASSWD_KEYRING_AUTO_PREFER - name or space separated names of keyrings to prefer


Passwd::Keyring::Auto::KeyringAPI describes backends API in detail.


Marcin Kasperski


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