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Marcus Holland-Moritz


buildperl.pl - build/install perl distributions


  perl buildperl.pl [options]

  --help                      show this help

  --source=directory          directory containing source tarballs
                              [default: /tmp/perl/source]

  --build=directory           directory used for building perls [EXPAND]
                              [default: /tmp/perl/build/<config>]

  --prefix=directory          use this installation prefix [EXPAND]
                              [default: /tmp/perl/install/<config>/<perl>]

  --config=configuration      build this configuration [MULTI]
                              [default: all possible configurations]

  --perl=version              build this version of perl [MULTI]
                              [default: all possible versions]

  --force                     rebuild and install already installed versions

  --test                      run test suite after building

  --noinstall                 don't install after building

  --patch                     only patch the perl source in the current directory

  --oneshot                   build from the perl source in the current directory
                              (extra arguments are passed to Configure)

  options tagged with [MULTI] can be given multiple times

  options tagged with [EXPAND] expand the following items

    <perl>      versioned perl directory  (e.g. 'perl-5.6.1')
    <version>   perl version              (e.g. '5.6.1')
    <config>    name of the configuration (e.g. 'default')


The following examples assume that your Perl source tarballs are in /tmp/perl/source. If they are somewhere else, use the --source option to specify a different source directory.

To build a default configuration of perl5.004_05 and install it to /opt/perl5.004_05, you would say:

  buildperl.pl --prefix='/opt/<perl>' --perl=5.004_05 --config=default

To build debugging configurations of all perls in the source directory and install them to /opt, use:

  buildperl.pl --prefix='/opt/<perl>' --config=debug

To build all configurations for perl-5.8.5 and perl-5.8.6, test them and don't install them, run:

  buildperl.pl --perl=5.8.5 --perl=5.8.6 --test --noinstall

To build and install a single version of perl with special configuration options, use:

  buildperl.pl --perl=5.6.0 --prefix=/opt/p560ld --oneshot -- -des -Duselongdouble


Copyright (c) 2004-2010, Marcus Holland-Moritz.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


See Devel::PPPort and HACKERS.