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OS2::Process - exports constants for system() call on OS2.


    use OS2::Process;
    $pid = system(P_PM+P_BACKGROUND, "epm.exe");


the builtin function system() under OS/2 allows an optional first argument which denotes the mode of the process. Note that this argument is recognized only if it is strictly numerical.

You can use either one of the process modes:

        P_WAIT (0)      = wait until child terminates (default)
        P_NOWAIT        = do not wait until child terminates
        P_SESSION       = new session
        P_DETACH        = detached
        P_PM            = PM program

and optionally add PM and session option bits:

        P_DEFAULT (0)   = default
        P_MINIMIZE      = minimized
        P_MAXIMIZE      = maximized
        P_FULLSCREEN    = fullscreen (session only)
        P_WINDOWED      = windowed (session only)

        P_FOREGROUND    = foreground (if running in foreground)
        P_BACKGROUND    = background

        P_NOCLOSE       = don't close window on exit (session only)

        P_QUOTE         = quote all arguments
        P_TILDE         = MKS argument passing convention
        P_UNRELATED     = do not kill child when father terminates


Andreas Kaiser <ak@ananke.s.bawue.de>.


spawn*() system calls.