Author image Michael Roberts
and 1 contributors


modbot - scans for spam in a given configuration


modbot [options] [action]


modbot [options]

to start an interactive shell.


    --dir            Start in different configuration directory
                     (The current directory is used if omitted)


    modbot scan

    modbot show new4879234


modbot is a command-line interface to WWW::Modbot, which is used to do all the work of reading configurations, connecting to servers, applying tests, calculating scores, and judging whether posts or spam, ham, or indeterminate.

In interactive mode, it provides a complete shell interface for investigating your configuration and the spam and non-spam currently on the various servers configured. It can also be invoked in non-interactive mode to perform specific actions as a scheduled job.

If invoked in non-interactive mode, the first argument must be the identifier of one of the servers configured, and the remaining arguments will be passed to the command shell as a single command to be executed against that server. If 'all' is given as the server name, then the same command will be executed against each of the servers configured.