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WWW::Modbot::Test::GoogleCount - look up an IP on Google to see if it turns up suspiciously often.


Version 0.01


The WWW::Modbot::Test::GoogleCount module is a WWW::Modbot::Test implementation which looks at a text field and looks it up on Google to see if it appears too often. See the W::M::Test module for more information about the API.

A great deal of forum spam is posted using proxies or botnet zombies. These IPs, since they are used to post vast amounts of forum spam, often appear on Google with hit counts of thousands of pages. This is a very useful metric for spam discovery.



The new function doesn't really do anything, but if we don't provide one, will try to call itself.


All Test modules have only one function, test. It's passed a hashref containing the fields of the post, and a field name which need not be used. The function sets one or more fields in the hashref which are then evaluated by the ruleset to arrive at a score. The return value is a list of the fields set by the function (this makes testing of modules easier).


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