Mikael Nordin
and 6 contributors


check_nrpe.pl - An implemetation of the check_nrpe command in pure perl


 Usage: check_nrpe -H <host> -c <command> [ -b <bindaddr> ] [-4] [-6] [-n] [-u] [-p <port>] [-t <timeout>] [-a <arglist...>]

 -4            = use ipv4 only
 -6            = use ipv6 only
 -H <host>     = The address of the host running the NRPE daemon
 -b <bindaddr> = bind to local address
 -c command    = The name of the command that the remote daemon should run
 -n            = Do no use SSL
 -p [port]     = The port on which the daemon is running (default=5666)
 -t [timeout]  = Number of seconds before connection times out (default=10)
 -u            = Make socket timeouts return an UNKNOWN state instead of CRITICAL
 -a [arglist]  = Optional arguments that should be passed to the command.  Multiple
                 arguments should be separated by a space.  If provided, this must be
                 the last option supplied on the command line.


Using this script you can request the current status of checks on your remote hosts

It takes the following options


Use ipv4 only


Use ipv6 only

-H -host <some host>

The remote host running NRPE-Server (default localhost)

-b --bindaddr <some local address>

Bind to this local address

-p --port <some port>

The remote port on which the NRPE-server listens

-n --nossl

Don't use SSL

-c --command <some command> (--check is deprecated)

The check command defined in the nrpe.cfg file you would like to trigger

-h --help

This help.


This software is copyright (c) 2013-2018 by the authors (see AUTHORS file).

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.