carmel - CPAN Artifact Repository Manager


  # Run with a directory with cpanfile or cpanfile.snapshot
  carmel install

  # Manually pull a module if you don't have it
  carmel install DBI@1.633 Plack@1.0000

  # list all the modules to be loaded
  carmel list

  # list all the modules in a tree
  carmel tree

  # Runs your perl script with modules from artifacts
  carmel exec perl ...

  # Runs your perl script with a checker to guarantee everything is loaded from Carmel
  carmel exec perl -MDevel::Carmel

  # prints export PERL5LIB=... etc for shell scripting
  carmel export

  # find a module in repository
  carmel find DBI

  # find a module matching the version query
  carmel find Plack ">= 1.0000, < 1.1000"