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Carton::Doc::Upgrading - Upgrading document


Carton adds, changes and deprecates some features between major releases in backward incompatible ways. Here's the list of major changes between versions. See Changes file for more details.

v0.9 to v1.0

  • carton exec -Ilib is deprecated. You must pass the optional include path to perl interpreter in the normal way, like:

      carton exec perl -Ilib myscript

    Or make your script to take its own -I option, like many command line launcher does (i.e. plackup, prove)

      carton exec plackup -Ilib myapp.psgi
  • carton.lock is now cpanfile.snapshot. Its name and file format has been changed. There's no automatic migration, but you can do:

      # run with Carton v0.9.64
      > carton install
      # upgrade to Carton v1.0
      > cpanm Carton
      > carton install
      > git add cpanfile.snapshot
      > git rm carton.lock

    This process will most likely preserve modules in your local library.

  • cpanfile is now a requirement, and extracting requirements from build files (Makefile.PL, Build.PL) is not supported.