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make_patchnum.pl - make patchnum


  miniperl make_patchnum.pl

  perl make_patchnum.pl


This program creates the files holding the information about locally applied patches to the source code. The created files are git_version.h and lib/Config_git.pl.


Contains status information from git in a form meant to be processed by the tied hash logic of Config.pm. It is actually optional, although -V:git.\* will be uninformative without it.

git_version.h contains similar information in a C header file format, designed to be used by patchlevel.h. This file is obtained from stock_git_version.h if miniperl is not available, and then later on replaced by the version created by this script.


Yves Orton, Kenichi Ishigaki, Max Maischein


Same terms as Perl itself.