Michael J. Flickinger
and 1 contributors


Drogo::Guts - Shared components used by framework.




Returns the server object.


Returns the uri.


Returns the url associated with the module.


Returns the path filename.


Returns the request_method.


Returns the remote_addr.


Return value of header_in.


Output via http.


Returns true if set, otherwise args 1 sets true and 0 false.


Returns true if we're dispatching actively.

$self->header_set('header_type', 'value')

Set output header.


Set content type.


Returns hashref of response headers.


Redirect to a url (sets the Location header out).


Set output status... (200, 404, etc...) If no argument given, returns status.


Returns reference for upload.

     'filename' => 'filename',
     'tmp_file' => '/tmp/drogomp-23198-1330057261',
     'fh'       => \*{'Drogo::MultiPart::$request_part{...}'},
     'name'     => 'foo'


Return a parameter passed via CGI--works like CGI::param.


Return a friendly hashref of CGI parameters.

$self->request_body & $self->request

Returns request body.


Returns arrayref of request parts, used for multipart/form-data requests.


Returns args.


Returns array of post_arguments (matching path after a matched ActionMatch attribute) Returns array of matching elements when used with ActionRegex.


Same as matches, deprecated.


Stops processing and "exits"


Process the autoheader.


Returns the "error stack" as an array.


Returns error as string.


Unscape HTTP URI encoding.


Cookie methods:

   $self->cookie->set(-name => 'foo', -value => 'bar');
   my %cookies = $self->cookie->read;


Returns elapsed time since initial dispatch.


Copyright 2011, 2012 Ohio-Pennsylvania Software, LLC.


This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.