Mathieu Jondet
and 1 contributors


WebService::Eulerian::Analytics - Eulerian Analytics API


This module handles the calls and responses sent to the different services provided by the WebService::Eulerian::Analytics modules. It's the parent class for all other modules and should not be used directly.


new : constructor called by other modules


  • hash reference with the following options

    o apikey : API key allowing you to request the API, mandatory (provided by Eulerian Technologies), must be sent with each requests in the SOAP Enveloppe.

    o host : the host on which you have to send your API requests, mandatory (provided by Eulerian Analytics)

    o timeout : in seconds the timeout after which a request is aborted, defaults to 60.

    o debug : set to 1 if you want to check the raw SOAP requets, defaults to 0.

    o version : indicate the version of the API you are requesting, defaults to the newest version.


  • a Perl object corresponding to the service you instantiated

fault : indicates if the last call generated a fault on the server


  • none


  • 1 if a fault was generated, 0 otherwise

faultdetails : returns a hash reference containing the details on the last generated fault


  • none


  • hash reference

    o code : fault code

    o string : fault string

faultcode : returns the faultcode of the last generated fault


  • none


  • code describing the fault

faultstring : returns the faultstring of the last generated fault


  • none


  • text describing the fault

call : generic SOAP call method (private)

This method should not be called directly, use the main classes.


  • name of the method to be called

  • array of parameters sent to the method call


  • if no error : returns the value of the Response part of the SOAP call

  • if error : returns undef and set the fault flag to 1 and faultdetails with fault information


        my $rh_return = $service->call('MyMethodName', 'param1', { hash => 'param2' }, [ 'param3' ]);
        # test if the server generated a fault
        if ( $service->fault ) {
         # die on fault and display the faultstring
         die $service->faultstring();
        # no fault : process the returned structure
        use Data::Dumper;
        print Dumper($rh_return);




Mathieu Jondet <>


Copyright (c) 2008 Eulerian Technologies Ltd

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