Deliantra Dungeon Master Commands

The following commands are only available to you if you are dungeon master, that is, a kind of server administrator with special privileges.


   abil <player> <attribute> <value> 

abil will permanently change the ability scores of players. Attribute is one of str, dex, con, int, wis, pow, cha. Value may not exceed 30.


   addexp <player> <how much> 

The player must have a skill readied. All experience added in this manner will go directly to the skill readied.


   arrest <player>

Puts the named player into the nearest cell (corresonding to the region he is in).


   banish <player> 

Kicks the named player and adds their current IP address to the banish file. This will prevent the named player from logging into the server (from their current IP). This is an in-game version of the ban function meant for short term relief of persistant goons and for DMs who do not have shell access. It is probably a good idea to clear out the banish file (usually at /var/crossfire/banish_file) on a regular basis and delete or move any entries to the ban_file if desired.


   create <number> <bonus> <archtype> <variable1> <value1> <variable2> <value2> ...  

Creating items is rather dangerous and tends to crash the server when creating some items.

The number and bonus attributes may be left off, or the bonus itself may be left off any time. If a bonus is desired, number must be specified as well. Archtype must be specified in all cases. Variable and values may be left off at any time, but specifiying a variable requires a value also be specified.

Multipart values such as for an item name must be quoted.


   create 5 +1 sword name "Spiffy Sword" face chicken.171

This would create 5 +1 longswords named 'Spiffy Sword' that look like chickens. See also: patch, dump


   debug <level> 

Without arguments, debug will simply print the current level of debugging. Valid debugging levels are 0-3 where: llevError = 0, llevInfo = 1, llevDebug = 2, llevMonster = 3


   dm <password>

Try to become dungeon master.


   dmhide <password>

Same as becoming dm and hiding at the same time. See hide.


   dump <tag> 

Using dump, you can see the attributes of any item in the game. To find the object number of an item you wish to view, click on it. If this item is in your inventory, or you are standing over, click on yourself and the item tags will be displayed. see also: patch



Will dump the attributes of the top item you are standing over. see also: dump



This prints out a list of all active friendly objects to stderr.


   forget_spell <spell name>

This will cause you to permanently lose knowledge of a spell.


   free <tag> 

Removes (if necessary) and destroys the given object.


   goto <mapname> [<x> <y>]

Using this command will instantly move you to the start point of the map and position specified. If the position is omitted, the map entry point will be used instead.



This hides the DM from being seen by other players. This is done by making the player perpetually invisible. It also results in the player not showing up in the who command, maps comamnd, or being reported as a player on the metaserver.

Note that the DM can still do things that makes his presence known, eg, shout, other DM actions, etc.


   insert_into <item> <item>

This will insert the 2nd item in the first. 2nd can't be a player.



Makes you invisible for a short time.


   kick <player> 

This command will kick a player off the server. If used without an argument, it will kick all players off the server with the exception of you.


   learn_special_prayer <prayer name>

this will allow you to permanently learn a spell as a special prayer of your god. see also: learn_spell


   learn_spell <spell name>

This will allow you to permanently learn a spell. <spell name> may be a partial spell name.

It is similar to learn_special_prayer except that you will retain knowledge of this spell regardless of changing dieties. see also: learn_special_prayer



Toggles the aggression of the monster you are currently possessing. Not reccomended to be flipped on yourself as a player.


   nodm or nowiz 

Both of these commands will return you to normal player status.


   nodm or nowiz 

Both of these commands will return you to normal player status.


   observe <playername>

Observes the given object (currently players only). This means that the map and stats of the observed object will be displayed instead of ones own map and stats. Using observe without argument will switch back to displaying your own map and stats.


   patch <tag> <variable> <value> 

Using the patch command, you can radically modify the properties of objects in the game. Simply specify the object to modify and the new values of its variables (or completely new variables). See Also: dump


Will first unload all loaded perl extensions and modules loaded from the extension directory, followed by loading the perl part of the plugin and all extensions found.

This is done in an as atomic way as possible so it is safe to do at anytime, but it will freeze the swerver for multiple seconds.


   possess <tag>

Take over the body of a given monster. It is not suggested you try to possess another player, as bad things will undoubtably happen. Allows DM to control the monster directly with his client.



This is used for line of sight debugging.


   remove <tag> 

remove will, suprisingly enough, remove the object specified by the tag supplied. see also: free



Temporarily moves off all characters from the current map, then resets it. It works exactly as if the map reached its reset time prematurely.


   set_god <player> <diety>

This will change a players diety to the diety specified.



This will cause a Deliantra server to shut down entirely by first kicking out all players, saving all maps and finally exiting. Deliantra servers will kick out players and might or might not save some players or maps.


   stats <player>

This displays the named players statistics.



This will print out information regarding current styles in use.


   summon <player> 

Summoning a player will bring them immediately to your location. There is no 'reverse' summoning, except to go to a map yourself and summon the player again.


   teleport <player> 

teleport will bring you immediately next to the player's location.


   wizcast [<on_off>]

This will enable/disable your ability to cast spells and prayers anywhere as dm. Without argument it toggles between on and off.


   wizlook [<on_off>]

This will enable/disable increase your area of sight to the maximum. Without argument it toggles between on and off.



This will toggle on and off your ability to walk thru walls as dm.