Jeweler skill

Last update: Fri Sep 2 18:46:53 CEST 2006

Here the system and usage of the new jeweler skill is described.

Where to get it? How to!? What??

You can learn the jeweler skill by reading a scroll of jewelers. If you want to make rings and amulets you also have to find a jewelers workbench. The easiest place to find that is in a Jewelers Workshop which can be found in towns (for example in Scorn).

Identifying jewelery

The most basic function of the jeweler skill is identifying rings and amulets, the higher your jeweler level is the more and the better you can identify jewelery.

You identify jewelery by standing above it or having it in your inventory and entering:

   use_skill jeweler

You will see the information about the identified jewelery and will gain exp for the identified objects.

Generating blank rings and amulets

For this you need to find a jewelers workbench. You can generate blank rings and amulets of adornment from large gold nuggets, but you need at least 10 large gold nuggets for a ring or an amulet! ou can place multiples of 10 nuggets in the bench and such make multiple rings or amulets of adornment at once.

So place 10 large gold nuggets in the bench and then enter:

   use_skill jeweler make ring

Or if you want to make a blank amulet of adornment:

   use_skill jeweler make amulet

Analyzing jewelery

If you want to know what your chances are for crafting a specific ring or amulet place it in the workbench and enter:

   use_skill jeweler analyze

You will get output like the following, which gives you a clue whether it's futile or not to try to make this ring at your current level in the jeweler skill:

   ring (str+1)(dex+2): Projected success rate: Way above your skill
   ring (resist electricity +22)(con-1): Projected success rate: Way above your skill

Merging rings or amulets

You can merge the abilities of two rings or amulets, or even between a ring and an amulet. For example: toss two rings in the workbench, and type:

   use_skill jeweler merge analyze

And you will get a similar output as for use_skill jeweler analyze, which tells you whether you have a chance. If you are confident enter this command to merge the jewelery:

   use_skill jeweler merge

You either get the merged improved ring/amulet or a very bad ring/amulet.

Improving rings and amulets

Improving rings is a bit more complicated, but it generally follows this schema: You have to put N base items, which indicate your plan, into the workbench. For example two potions of strength indicate that you want to improve a ring from (Str+0) to (Str+1).

Then you just use your jeweler skill to calculate how many additional gems you need to fullfill that plan:

   use_skill jeweler

You will get an output similar to this (here a ring (str+1)(dex+2) and two wisdom potions were placed in the workbench):

   You want to make a ring (wis+1)(str+1)(dex+2): Projected success rate: Slightly above 50:50
   You recognize that you are short of: 200 times gem, 1600 times ruby

Next you put 200 diamonds and 1600 rubies in the bench and try your luck with the same command. You either see:

   You succeed.

And have a ring (Str+1)(Dex+2)(Wis+1) in your workbench, or you see:

   You fail!

And have a ring (Str-1)(Dex-2)(Wis-1) in your workbench.

If you succeed to make the ring, you will get more experience. The more difficult crafting a ring is, the more experience you get.