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font_table - Create images with sample renderings of the requested fonts.


  <Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Utils/Font Table


This plug-in will create one or more images with sample renderings of the fonts that you request. It is designed to be a replacement for the Font Map plug-in which has a much more limited user interface.


    The Foundary, Family, Weight and Slant parameters are either set to "*" to indicate that all should be matched or a perl regular expression (e.g. "^ttf" or "(demi)?bold").


    A perl regular expression or "*".

    The font foundery (e.g. "adobe", "bitstream" or "ttf") that you wish to select (default: "*").


    A perl regular expression or "*".

    The font family (e.g. "courier" or "helvetica") that you wish to select (default: "*").


    A perl regular expression or "*".

    The weights (e.g. "bold" or "medium") to be matched. Remember that since this is a regular expression, "bold" will match "bold" and "demibold" (default: "*").


    A perl regular expression or "*".

    The slant (e.g. "i" for itallic, "o" for oblique and "r" for regular) (default: "*").

    Point Size

    This parameter is the point size for the fonts to be matched. Note that this is *not* pixel size.

    Text Color

    The color that the text should be rendered in (default: black).

    Background Color

    The color of the image background (default: white).

    Label Font

    The single font to use for labeling each font (don't use a font which might not be able to render some of the characters in the font names). Usually the default, "courier", is a good choice.

    Test String

    This is the string that will be rendered once in each font selected.

    Text Padding

    The amount of space between each text row. Default is 10.

    Page Height

    Once the rendered image has reached this height, a new image will be started. This is in pixels, and is intended to allow ease of viewing and printing.


Written in 1998 (c) by Aaron Sherman <ajs@ajs.com>


This plug-in relies on running xlsfonts. If your platform does not have xlsfonts, or it's not in your path, or its output looks different from what this plug-in expects, it won't work. At the time this plug-in was written (late 1998) gtk+ had no facility to get a list of available font names. This may have changed, and an update to this plug-in will be distributed if so.


gimp, perl, Gimp: the Gimp module for perl.

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