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    The account settings, only accessible if you're logged in as the user.


account_url string

    The account username

email string

    The users email address

high_quality boolean

    The users ability to upload higher quality images, there will be less compression

public_images boolean

    Automatically allow all images to be publicly accessible

album_privacy string

    Set the album privacy to this privacy setting on creation

pro_expiration integer or boolean

    False if not a pro user, their expiration date if they are.

    True if the user has accepted the terms of uploading to the Imgur gallery.

active_emails Array of Strings

    The email addresses that have been activated to allow uploading

messaging_enabled boolean

    If the user is accepting incoming messages or not

blocked_users Array of objects

    An array of users that have been blocked from messaging, the object is blocked_id and blocked_url.

show_mature boolean

    True if the user has opted to have mature images displayed in gallery list endpoints.

first_party boolean

    True unless the user created their account via a third party service such as Google Plus.


   "success" : true,
   "data" : {
      "show_mature" : false,
      "public_images" : false,
      "high_quality" : true,
      "album_privacy" : "secret",
      "accepted_gallery_terms" : true,
      "first_party" : true,
      "pro_expiration" : false,
      "active_emails" : [],
      "email" : "josh@imgur.com"
   "status" : 200



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